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Getting Started with Employee Student Loan Repayment Benefits

A Quick Overview of Where to Begin

Student loan debt is on the rise, and it impacts all aspects of employees' lives, from mental well-being to financial stability. Offering student loan repayment benefits is a great way to help retain employees and recruit talent.

Interested in student loan repayment benefits but don't know where to start? Here's a cheat sheet that can help you identify the best places to begin working through how to add them to your current benefits package.

Discover Where to Start with Student Loan Repayment Benefits

About Paidly

Paidly is an easy-to-use platform that allows employers to set up a student loan benefit program in just minutes. Our platform enables employers to create a competitive advantage, enrich their employees through better engagement and productivity, and increase loyalty.

Set Your Business Apart

Employee Loyalty

Create a reason why your firm is a great place to work

Financial Wellness

Prioritize employee preparedness for retirement

Quality of Life

Improve beyond standard employee benefits

Partner with Paidly

Who We Work With

  • Affiliate and referral partners

  • Benefit Professionals

  • Accounting professionals

  • Financial advisors

The Benefits of Working with Paidly

  • Repayment plans that employees and employer love

  • On-demand payments for bonuses

  • Dedicated client happiness

What Our Customers Say About Us

The student loan benefit through Paidly is a welcome addition to our benefit offerings. The implementation process was effortless and their website is easy to manage. The Paidly Team encourages customer ideas and feedback as to how to enhance the benefit and their website.

- GW Lisk

Let's Talk Repayment Benefits

Create a competitive advantage with a Paidly Student Loan Benefit (SLB) plan in minutes to attract top talent, enrich your employees, improve engagement and productivity, and increase loyalty.

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