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Alleviating Student Loan Debt through Fundraising

Sign up for Friends Helping Friends and get help from loved ones to pay off your student loans faster. Join a supportive community and crush your debt together!

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Join a Community Committed to Crushing Student Loans

You're not alone in this journey. Connect with others who share your goal of financial independence and empower each other to succeed.

Let Friends and Family Donate to Your Student Loans

Easily receive donations for student loan debt reduction via Paidly. Friends and family can contribute in clicks, with funds sent directly to loans, ensuring transparency and confidence

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Easy Setup, Start Receiving Donations Right Away

Simply enter your loan details and start sharing friends and family to contribute by making a donation to your student loans.

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Transparent Pricing, No Surprises

If you collected
$500 from donors

$486 will go to
your loans.

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Monthly fees


Usage Fee




When under a Paidly employer benefit

Automatically deducted from your donations when a payment is made to your loans.

Donor transaction fee

2.9% +


Automatically deducted from each donation, but can be covered by donors. 90% of donors cover this.

*Paidly requires a minimum of $25 in received donations by the 15th of each month to make a payment to your loans. This fee only charged when the account minimum is met and a payment is made to the accounts loans.

Save Through Employers

Don't miss out on employer contributions! Not only will you save with contributions from your employer, but when under an employer recurring benefit plan, Paidly will waive the usage fee and the minimum $25 limit – making it completely free!

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Usage fee

What is a usage fee?

A 2.75% usage fee is charged when Paidly makes loan payments as your balance reaches $25 or more monthly. However, if you're part of an employer benefit plan, this fee is waived.

Friends Helping Friends has been a game-changer in helping me pay off my student loans! My friends and family generously contributed to my campaign, including a surprise donation for a celebratory pie when I reached a major milestone. I'm so grateful for the support and the fun, pie-filled memories we've created along the way!


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