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Convert PTO and Bonuses to Student Loans

Redirect Bonuses and Unused PTO toward student loans

Payments can go directly to student loan principal. Reduce the Annual Paid Time off (PTO) Time bomb. Pay off student loans faster.

Sign-on bonuses

Referral bonus

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Quarterly bonus

Annual bonus

Holiday bonus

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Employer and Employee Win-Win

Under the CARES Act and a 127 plan from the irs tax code. A Employer can contribute up to $5,250 a year to your student loans tax-free.

building paidly student loan benefit application

Extra Payment

Take Years Off Loans and Save Thousands In Interest

The average total debt to obtain a bachelor's degree is $28,400. An extra $100 payment each month will save the borrower approx. $2,994 in interest and repay the loan amount in seven years.

Employer's can help make these payments tax-freefor employee and employer up to $5,250 a year. This includes a lump sum payments made as a student loan payment.

See how much you can save with our Lump sum Extra Payment Calculator


Avoid the Annual PTO Time Bomb

If you're an employer, you've probably already accrued the expense for paid time off for your employees. So why not let your employees get paid for their unused PTO in a way that helps them with their student loans?

You can offer your employees a one-time benefit that let's them convert their PTO to student loan payments, which are paid directly to principal. Your employees will have the full amount of their Bonus or PTO tax-free up to $5,250 to their student loan debt.

building paidly student loan benefit application
building paidly student loan benefit application


Turn Time Into Money

Get paid to go on vacation. Paidly lets you use your paid time off to pay your loan principal while reducing the time it takes to pay off your loans. Used as a lump sum to your student loan debt through Paidly on-demand.


Employer Or Employee Can Pay The Fees

One small transaction fee is automatically applied or deducted per employee total amount you choose — that's it. Everything else goes to the employee, because that's what matters most.

$250setup fee per company

One transaction fee 3% or $15 fee / per user total amount. Optional choice of who pays the fee.

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