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Improve Employee Loyalty with Student Loan Repayment Benefits

Create a competitive advantage. Enhance employee financial wellness through Student Loan Benefits. Paidly offers a secure, cloud-based solution that enables employers to make supplemental payments toward employee student loan principal. Student Loan Repayment Benefits can assist with recruitment, retention and the financial wellness of your employees.

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Create Competitive Differentiation

Companies across the US are experiencing challenges with existing employee loyalty and recruitment. Compensation is no longer the primary differentiating factor for employees when choosing employers, according to the Society for Human Resource Professionals (SHRM). There is a primary differentiator however, the offering of creative benefit plans. Paidly enables employers to easily incorporate Student Loan Repayment Benefits to create competitive differentiation. The employer makes payments toward employee student loans helping to improve employee financial wellness.

Enhance Employee Loyalty

Enhance Employee Loyalty

Create a compelling reason why your firm is a great place to work

Prioritize Financial Wellness

Prioritize Financial Wellness

Improve employee financial preparedness for retirement

Improve Quality of Life

Improve Quality of Life

Directly impact quality of life beyond standard salary and benefits


Employee's plan to leave their employer within 4 years


Employee's cannot afford to contribute to a 401(k) plan


Average student debt upon graduation


Average payoff period of student loans

Workforce Impacts

Student loans negatively impact employee quality of life. Student loan debt can create major stress and force the postponement of major milestones in life

check iconGetting engaged or married
check iconStarting a family
check iconMajor purchases like buying a home
check iconPost-graduate education
check icon Saving for retirement

Paidly is Dedicated to Assisting Employers

check iconEmployees continue to make payments toward their student loans each month.
check icon$50 Per Month Can Reduce Interest by $1,997 and the payback period by 2.3 Years
check iconThe supplemental payment by the Employer contributes toward the student loan principal and effectively reduces the loan interest paid and payback period
check iconOur Paidly cloud-based platform makes it easy-to-use for both the Employer and Employee

Are you ready to use Paidly to pay down student loan debt?