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Student Loan Debt Impacting You?

Student loan payments can be hard to juggle along with so many other financial responsibilities. There's good news! Your current or future employer may offer a Student Loan Repayment Benefit to help you pay down the balance faster. And if your employer does not have a program we will provide you with information that can hopefully justify one.

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Supplemental payments

Supplemental payments up to $5,250 toward employee student loans on a scheduled basis

Full Employee Dashboard

Real-time monitoring, control which loan is getting paid, view history and progress of payments made toward student loans

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Employer supplemental loan payments

Employers can easily make payments to employee student loan debt, making their student loans more manageable.

Secure and simple online enrollment

Enrollment of student loan information is quick & easy. Your loan information is never shared with your employer.

Privacy Shield

Student Loan Payoff Calculator

Based on an employer's $100/mo student loan benefits plan saves you up to $7,320! and allows you to pay off your loan 1 year 8 months earlier.**
*Data based on entered loan values
**Estimated savings include total SLB contributions plus estimated interest savings. Assumes extra payments are applied throughout repayment term of the loan and that you continue to make you regular monthly payments. Individual savings will vary.

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