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About Us

Meet Paidly

We created Paidly because we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve financial wellness. We've built a solution to equip organizations with the ability to create competitive differentiation and directly influence employee recruitment, retention, loyalty and quality of life.

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Our Culture

At Paidly we create a culture of engagement. We believe in putting culture first. Creating an environment where people love to work by communicating in ways that build trust and allow for transparency and collaboration. Working together as a team to create a culture of respect and excellence while recognizing the contributions of individuals. Where there is room to grow by working together to create something of lasting value for our clients and our team members.

Why Paidly

We firmly believe that with the power of people, anything is possible. Employees are the most valuable asset in business. They now have more choices than ever before to choose their employers. Paidly is designed to play a strategic role in assisting employers with improving the financial wellness of their most valuable assets.

With over 15 years of Fintech experience, we creatively look for ways to improve quality of life by improving the personal finances of individuals. We leverage our extensive Fintech experience, which spans a broad array of industries, transfers, payments, loans and even crypto, to enhance or automate financial services and processes.

Each day we ask ourselves, how can we unleash the power of Fintech to improve the financial position of people? It's what we do.

What We Do

We know the best way to grow Paidly's business is to create a win-win. For our clients, we provide substantial value by enhancing existing employee loyalty and new prospective employee recruitment. For employees, creating financial wellness results in reduced stress and an improved quality of life.

Paidly has been created with simplicity in mind. Our solution is used for employee retention, boosting employee engagement, attracting top talent and increasing employee satisfaction & loyalty. With flexibility in mind, we have created our application to adjust and flex to employer student loan benefits of all shapes, sizes and budget. Contributing to student loan pay down can help employees reduce their debt by shaving off years of interest and loan pay off time.

The world has changed and employers have the power to create competitive differentiation while enhancing employee loyalty with Paidly.